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Auto Body Repair

Unique Auto Body offers comprehensive auto-body repairs in the Sedalia, Missouri area. Whether you are looking to fix a few dents caused by a fender-bender or replace larger parts of your car after a major accident, our professionals know how to handle a wide range of services on all sorts of vehicles.

From a simple scratch repair to a complete bumper replacement and everything in between, our mechanics handle every auto-body problem quickly without compromising quality in order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Using state-of-the-art technology and high quality equipment, our auto-body specialists do it right the first time. We strive to ensure that your vehicle will be looking its best before leaving our shop.

Dent Repair & Removal

No matter how carefully you drive or where you choose to spend your time driving, dents are an unfortunate reality for any car owner out there these days. Although minor dents may not inhibit your car’s driving ability, they affect the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle and may also lead to larger issues like frame alignment, structure damage, and rust if left un-repaired. 

Don’t let a simple dent turn into bad news for your vehicle. Here at Unique Auto Body, our professionals are able to work with any size dents and fix them in order to get your car looking like it used to. With years of experience along with our state-of-the-art equipment, our mechanics will repair your dent quickly to get the repairs done right the first time. We want you to be happy with the appearance of your car and we work hard to guarantee your satisfaction – and our work.

Car Paint Shop

Your car has to deal with a lot on the road – dust, gravel, other cars, even the occasional shopping cart. On their own, they’re annoying enough, but together they can start to cause some big problems for your car’s paint and finish. Aside from ruining the look of your car, paint damages can lead to bigger problems like rust and body damage if left unchecked.

If your car needs some paint work, save yourself some stress and contact Unique Auto Body. Our skilled professionals can match the current color and touch up your car’s paint wherever it may be needed. We work hard in order to ensure that you are happy with how your vehicle looks after you leave our shop – and all of our work is guaranteed.

Classic Car Restoration

Whether with that first ever car you drove in high school or a good ol’ classic that you want to keep in the best shape possible so you can show it off during the Annual Woodward Dream Cruise, we all have our favorite older rides. But cars, like anything else, can be subject to wear and damage over time, and repairing a an old classic can be an even bigger undertaking than working on a modern car – parts availability, body condition, and the simple age of the car can all prove difficult.

The trained and experienced specialists at Unique Auto Body are experienced in restoring all kinds of vehicles. Any make and model, any age, any sort of body work or color restoration, we can handle it all. Our mechanics work hard to ensure your satisfaction and we guarantee that we can completely restore your old car through interior detailing, exterior auto-body work, and even color matching. Contact us for a free car restoration quote today!


Our goal is to get your vehicle fixed according to manufacturer standards. We will work with insurance companies to make sure your repairs are covered. We also provide a lifetime warranty on our services for as long as you own the vehicle. Call 660-287-6582 today to schedule collision repairs for your vehicle.



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